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Lili Heissenbuttel, Acupuncture Physician and Licensed Massage Therapist, grew up in Camp Springs, Maryland (near Washington D.C.). She graduated with a B.A. in Biology and Art from Hood College, Frederick, MD in 1978. She married and moved to Asheville, NC for almost ten years. She ran an Antique Shop in Biltmore Village. She got in a motorcycle accident and tried Chiropractic for the first time, and was impressed with her healer, Dr. Ted Baroody, who wrote “Alkalanize or  Die” along with many other books. She worked with him one summer and was impressed with the variety of healing modalities he used. He opened her mind to “Alternative Medicine”.  After a divorce, no children, she moved to Key Largo, FL to become a SCUBA instructor in 1987. Another car accident left her with a heirniated lumbar disc and double sciatica for many years.  This spurred her into Massage school, which happened to also be an Acupuncture school, known as The Acupuncture-Acupressure Institute in Miami, FL. She graduated with a degree in Massage Therapy in 1989.

Now the school has been renamed Southeastern school of Oriental Medicine and is still in Miami, FL.

Lili returned there and got her diploma in Acupuncture in 1997. She studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (known as “TCM”). She was schooled by mostly Chinese teachers. They also taught her Chinese herbs and Homeopathy. She worked there in a Public Clinic under the careful guidance of her teachers for over 600 hours.

Lili graduated near the top of her class and garnered awards for  both clinical and academic excellence.

Lili built her business up with her success in the field and mostly word of mouth. She remarried again in 2000 and shared a backcountry fishing business with her husband. Acupuncture and bodywork helped her regrow her disc and heal her back as did weightlifting and working with a personal trainer, Kevin Sullivan, former  wrestler.  She works as a full time healer to this day, and still goes to the gym.

Along the way, Lili has completed  80 hours of human dissection to further her knowledge of the human body.

Additionally, she has studied infertilty and has successfully helped couples acheive their dream of a baby. Her first love is healing bad spinal problems as she personally knows this challenge. Lili studied for seven years after school with the world famous and brilliant healer, the late Dr.Gerald Strauss. He excelled in diagnostics and she helped him run a low cost public clinic. Dr. Strauss was a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. He taught her how to read the spine and organs from visual surface anatomy and palpation.  Additionally, Lili has subcontracted with Monroe County to acupuncture drug addicts, especially the ear for over ten years. This affords her contact with a younger , less affluent population giving them access to acupuncture they normally couldn’t afford.

Today, Lili is single, no children except for her three ferrets; Bella, Puddy, and Georgie Boy. She enjoys her  Ranger boat and still Scuba dives, snorkels and goes fishing. Her patients and the study of difficult cases is still her passion. Lili’s philosophy is to study the whole person; body, mind and spirit like a detective to resolve issues. By using a combination of balancing anatomy and  making organ systems work more efficiently she empowers the patient to heal themselves. By getting the patient to feel good enough to eat right and excersise and gain control over their negative thinking she reminds them gently of what they already know they need to do.

Lili believes that the best healing takes place with personal attention, so sorely lacking in modern medicine.  To this end, she begins with a two hour evaluation that includes one half hour massage and one hour of Acupuncture. The massage helps her perceptive and intuitive hands to feel energy blockages. Then by using the Acupuncture she can unblock these problems and resolve the imbalance. Balance is usually achieved within six to twelve  of her treatments. Lili believes heart and soul in the power of Acupuncture to restore human health.

Acupuncture works, and with the majority of her cases it has worked wonderfully.

AP Lic#  AP976

Massage Lic# MA9614

Acupuncture Body Works
Lili Heissenbuttel, AP, LMT
1215 Mockingbird Rd.
Key Largo, FL 33037
Office: 305-852-9963
Cell: 305-394-4282

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